Welcome from your Optic


Elegance, professionalism and courtesy.

Optic Monica puts on hand to take care of your eyes and to renovate your image. Because you can fascinate with a look ...

Enter by Optic Monica means immersing yourself in a unique and charming ambience.  The windows, with their minimal exposure but by the great scenic impact, take the visitor to the entrance. The familiar and welcoming atmosphere that you feel as soon as you enter them immediately surrounding the guest at ease.

The lights, games between light and dark value to the true protagonist:
The glasses, frames from the best brands and for all tastes are revealed through a light show and 360 °.


A wide range of prestigious brands in the eyewear industry to ensure a better visual solution, suited to different needs. The expertise and professionalism is evident in the attention that is paid to the customer, in order to offer the best solution to their needs.